Employer Advisory Service

Welcome to Employer Advisory Service. This system enables employers to book and pay for our service appointments.

  • If your company is a member of the SNEF, you may consult them at DID: 6290 7633 or

  • If your company is unionised, you may wish to discuss the matter with your union.

  • All In-Person appointments made will be via virtual consultation for this period.

  • If you have queries on Flexible Wage System, do note that only In-Person appointment option is available.

  • Please note that there is no refund for cancelled, no-show or non-contactable appointment.

  • If you are an employer, please click NEXT to agree and to proceed with your appointment booking.

Select the appointment type:

Select the date and time for In-Person appointment : Block of 1 hour ($60), 1.5 hour ($120), 2 hours ($180).
Note : In-Person appointments are conducted virtually until further notice.

Select the date and time for phone appointment: Block of 15 minutes ($12), 30 minutes ($24).
If you need to discuss for more than 30 minutes, please book an In-Person appointment with us.

(Note: For queries on Flexible Wage System, 15 and 30 minutes booking options are not applicable. Please proceed to book an appointment under the In-Person appointment option.)

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If you would like to reschedule your upcoming appointment on a one-time basis (within a 3-week period), please key in your booking reference number
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